Saturday, August 20, 2016

Small Reminder for Tijon draw Entrants

Everyone who sent a story/comment in the Tijon draw we hosted wins a token prize courtesy of Jovan PROVIDED they send her an email till Tuesday 23nd noon (Pacific time), as she will be traveling after that date, with the following data: username story posted Full name shipping address a contact number for the courier Use jovan @ tijon.com (without spaces). THANKS!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hermes Eau de Neroli Dore: fragrance review

Although it might seem like Eau de Néroli Doré is more masculine leaning and could be interpreted by the casual "sniffeur" as maudlin its crunchy texture is indicative of great dexterity in the treatment of ingredients and concepts.

It feels at once golden and soapy and with a leather undertone like a handsome person who just put on the world's fluffiest T-shirt and trousers in Egyptian cotton and the softest leather slip-ons in existence just to enjoy a morning view of the orchard by the sea. I'm sold.

My full review can be found on Fragrantica.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The winner of the draw...

....for the Tijon grand prize is Amelia Fortes. Congratulations!!
But our gracious sponsor is nothing if not generous, so EVERYONE wins a token prize! Very cool, huh?

So everyone email Jovan directly at jovan (@)tijon.com (without the parenthesis) with your username, real name, shipping data and a phone number so she can have your prizes in the mail soon.
Please remember to use Perfumeshrine draw in the title of the e-mail. And if you followed the Tijon Facebook page you'd be informed on all giveaway and sampling opportunities too.

Thanks for participating and more writing on the blog soon, promise.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Giveaway: Win a Goodies-filled Tijon Beach Bag

The time is finally here. Vacations and I'm going away. But fret not. The PerfumeShrine has prepared a fabulous giveaway for our fabulous readers thanks to our resident sponsor the fabulous Jovan of Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique.

The contest:
Tell us about your favorite beach scent memory. It can be a story about your favorite beach fragrance, your favorite beach vacation or anything involving the beach and a vivid scent memory.

Contest is open to any Perfume Shrine member in the world! Contest ends August 14th. Winner will be announced on August 15th.

The prize:
The winner will receive a Tijon beach bag filled with all kinds of wonderful gifts from our Tijon boutique. Grand Prize Value: $500.00

Please note: this is NOT an ordinary beach tote bag. The Tijon beach tote folds out to become a beach blanket for two and includes 4 sand stakes so that the blanket stays put!

Kαλό καλοκαίρι! Have a great summer!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Brief History of Deodorization

Battling bad smells has been a millenia-long battle for humanity. Fighting body odor specifically has been a battle against our very own human make-up. With the exception of those carrying the gene ABCC11 (which makes for no armpit smell), common amongst the populations of the Far East,  the vast majority of us of European, African, Central Asian and Native American descent have the sort of apocrine glands in the armpit and groin which secrete a sort of sweaty liquid that when mixed with surface bacteria develops body odor.[...]

The very interesting thing is not the invention of deodorant (and anti-perspirant, which debuted in the early 20th century based on aluminum chloride first marketed under the suggestive name Everdry) but the power of marketing. Women, American women in particular, were especially targeted in typically sexist campaigns which implied that their natural odor was repulsive to heterosexual men, therefore they had to rely on a deodorant or anti-perspirant in order to land the man of their dreams.

An advertisement from the Walter Thomson Archives, at the Duke University, proclaims in the very title "Within the Curve of a Woman's Arm. A frank discussion of a subject too often avoided." Including lines asking "Would you be absolutely sure of your daintiness?" and "Does excessive perspiration ruin your prettiest dresses?"

The agressive campaigns by the Odorono Company, giving their address as Ruth Miller, The Odorono Co., 719 Blair Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, promised the "so simple, so easy, so sure" solution for that "problem", imaginary or real.

You can find the entire article on Fragrantica on this link.

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